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Everyone loves to know how a company started; well Mix Master Disc Jockeys got it start back in 1987, founded by Dave Waldron. Kaie Waldron (Dave’s mom) worked for RCA records in Rockaway NJ at the pressing plant and in Rockefeller Center where RCA had their main New York studios. Yes, she did meet a few famous recording artists from the late 60's and early 70's and yes she did see Elvis a few times. Dave started digging into the crates of Records and acting like a baby DJ, like the DJ on music radio 77 WABC back in the late 70's and early 80's. Wanting to be like them, skills were learned and his first DJ rig was bought in the spring of 1987, two turntables, a mixer, microphone, an amp and a set of speakers. The first official gig was in Randolph, NJ for an eighth grade graduation party and with his 45's and LPs had a good time with the kids. The next big event was a wedding in the fall of 1987, a bit of a nervous wreck, but with the backing of his parents and teachers, it took off from there. Going through high school and college and working in radio and collecting music to keep building up his collection, Dave entered college. It was here that he met Randi Hyams who saw an empire to build upon and with her skills in business and Dave's skill in entertaining they both started to make the company grow. They built up clients and improved their skills, but in the spring of 2000 Randi left Mix Master Disc Jockeys to pursue her own career and left Dave to handle the fort. It was a little rough that summer of 2000, but Dave made it with some hard work, the love of music and the help of his first DJ and best friend Tommy. Mix Master Disc Jockeys grew to have 10 staff members and the first ever real office in Fairfield, NJ in the winter of 2000. After that, it took off and has grown significantly over the years into a larger office in Fairfield with fulltime staff and a second office in Stroudsburg, PA that opened in the winter of 2003. Mix Master Disc jockeys will keep on growing at leaps and bounds, because of our dedicated employees and loyal clients.

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